The Salt Spring Museum

Interactive, family-friendly exhibits bring stories of the past to life.

The Salt Spring Museum’s main exhibit is located in the Bittancourt House, originally built as a dowry house in 1884 for one of the daughters of the Bittancourt family in Vesuvius Bay. The house was donated to the Farmers' Institute and opened as a museum around 1978.

Volunteers from the Farmers' Institute have now added three extensions to the building to accommodate the expanding collection. Some of the more prominent items are a large model of the HMS Ganges, the warship from the 1800s after which the town of Ganges was named. The uniform and medals belonging to Captain Paul Bion, a Salt Spring farmer who fought for the French army in WW1 and was highly decorated. Two large murals painted by Alfred Temmel depicting the arrival of the first settlers on the island and a large collection of tools and implements used by farmers in the early 1900s.

How to find the
Salt Spring Museum

We are located on the grounds of the Farmers' Institute, a short 5-minute drive or 20-minute walk from the town of Ganges. Address: 351 Rainbow Rd.

Admission to the Museum is FREE.
Families and school groups welcome.



Starting May 24th
Wednesday to Friday
& Sunday

June thru September
Wednesday to Friday
& Sunday

Closing October 14th
Wednesday to Friday
& Sunday

Anyone wishing to visit the museum outside of the regular hours can do so by emailing us.

Several extensions to the museum have since been added and the collection greatly expanded.

Thank you to the SSI Foundation for its support.